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Why Delta Sigma Pi?

The great advantage of joining Delta Sigma Pi, rather than other organizations or business fraternity within the College of Business, can be summed up in one word:VARIETY. 

The Alpha Omicron Chapter offers all kinds of activities, including professional, community service, fundraising, and social events. To be a Brother of Delta Sigma Pi is to be a part of a very well-rounded organization. Delta Sigma Pi is open to business students of all majors, creating a diverse membership all focused on the same goals and objectives.


Make no mistake about it, Delta Sigma Pi is a fraternity, not a CLUB. Our Brotherhood is much more tightly-knit than the membership of other student organizations and fraternities. The history of our brotherhood dates back to our chapter’s founding on December 5, 1925.We have a saying, "Pledge for a Quarter, Brother for Life!" Not only is it a good slogan, but it literally holds true. Those who have experienced membership in Delta Sigma Pi have a unique connection to all other people across the world that have been initiated into the fraternity. Friends made in Delta Sigma Pi are friends for life. Our alumni are also actively involved within our chapter because of the brotherhood and professional knowledge gained during their tenure here at Ohio University.We would have to say that our alumni base is our greatest asset.They provide us insight, professional networking contacts and a means to understand what life is outside of college. 

The Alpha Omicron Chapter Professional Program

Professional speakers and members of the corporate world are frequently invited to our Chapter's weekly Business Meetings, which are held on Thursday evenings at 7 PM in Bentley Hall. In the past year, we have had speakers from such as Dean Glenn Corlett, Ohio University President Robert Glidden, and Dr. Robert Vedder, former economic advisor to President Putin of Russia, to name a few. Speakers have covered subjects about everything from how to interview successfully to what to wear to work. In addition, The Alpha Omicron Chapter meetings have been host to several companies speaking on a variety of professional topics.

In addition to hosting speakers, The Alpha Omicron Chapter is involved in the planning and running of many of the business-related activities around campus and in the CoB, such as the College of Business Financial Services Conference and the Opportunities Abroad Fair. The Alpha Omicron Chapter has a good working relationship with other College of Business student organizations, such as the Council of Student Organizations (CS0) and many other student groups and clubs. Many of our Brothers are also members and hold leadership roles in these associations.

Over 30 members of the College of Business Faculty are members of Delta Sigma Pi, either as an undergrad or during their time here within the College of Business.The founder of the College of Business, Charles M. Copeland, was one of the first members of the Alpha Omicron Chapter.He foresaw the importance of professional organizations such as ours and the role we would play in shaping the future of its members as business leaders.Our faculty provides us the insight and knowledge we could not get anywhere else!

Brothers of Delta Sigma Pi have a clear advantage when networking and searching for jobs and internships. Deltasigs are scattered throughout the commercial world, and all of them know the outstanding qualities that every Brother brings to the table. This helps them to hire or recommend the hiring of their Brothers. Many internships in the area are passed from Brother to Brother because companies are aware of our members' excellent business savvy. We have Brothers working for Nationwide Insurance, National City Corporation, Bisys, Bank One, Ernst & Young, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Wachovia, Bank of America, etc.

The Alpha Omicron Chapter Community Service Program

The Alpha Omicron Chapter participates in a variety of organized community service events in an effort to give back to the community. Examples of some events we participate in include the Relay for Life, sponsoring the Annual College of Business Thanksgiving Food Drive, the Adopt-a-Street and Highway Programs, the Last Chance Corral, and the Big Brothers/Big Sisters Program. The Alpha Omicron Chapter also participates in smaller scale efforts such as volunteering in soup kitchens and campus-area community service events.

The Alpha Omicron Chapter Fundraising Program

The Chapter's primary source of funds comes from its contract with the Ohio University Athletics Department. The Alpha Omicron Chapter runs a concession booth during nearly every OU basketball game, as well as collecting money for parking for both basketball and football games. Something new we have added to our fundraising program is running concessions at the Cleveland Browns football games.This gives us an opportunity to come to Cleveland, network with alumni, and also enjoy the fun of the game!

The Alpha Omicron Chapter Social Program

We Deltasigs love to have fun! Delta Sigma Pi has a great social atmosphere, whether you're into going to sporting events, formals, or just hanging out with friends. After our Thursday meetings, we regularly adjourn to active member homes and other establishments to socialize and catch up with our fellow Brothers. In addition, the Chapter puts together a variety of meticulously planned social gatherings. Various parties occur throughout the year with such themes as 80’s Party, Spring TOGA party, and Mardi Gras to name a few.

We hold a Learn More About Our Fraternity...Our Purpose, Our History, Our Activities, Recruitment Events, etc. Other social events include Fall Date Party at a new location every year and a Winter Formal (the city various) where the “Rose” and “Thorn” of the Chapter is voted upon and chosen.It is sort of a college version of Prom King and Queen.Both events are very fun and are attended by most members of the chapter.We also host a Senior Sendoff Picnic and Social, throw Faculty Luncheons, and have a Founder’s Day Celebration.


Joining the Alpha Omicron Chapter is an experience that you will never forget.The professionalism, the brotherhood, the history, and the lifelong friends are what set us apart from any other organization in the College of Business and on campus.Come check us out at our next Rush Event or contact any member of our executive board.We look forward to hearing from you!


The Alpha Omicron Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi